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Keeping Parents Informed
Get Texts or Phone Calls When Your Bus Leaves
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What Is It?

For Parents

School transportation can be complicated. With buses running multiple routes, breaking down or arriving to school late, it can be hard to know when to expect your kids to arrive at the bus stop.

BusDuty has been helping parents at Harris Creek Elementary School in Raleigh since 2012, and we wanted to let other schools get in on the fun as well!

With BusDuty, you choose which bus to watch. The bus monitors at your child's school note when the bus leaves (or enter a message about the bus). You get a text or a phone call. You save time and headaches!

If your school doesn't use BusDuty, ask them to get in touch with us. We'd love for them to make your afternoon a little bit easier.

Subscriptions range from $1.67 to $2.99 per month, and come with a 21-day free trial. No credit card or obligation required to test it out!

For Schools

Informed parents are happy parents. You may already be tweeting out bus departures, or otherwise mass-distributing information, but with BusDuty you can send the information right to the parents. Fewer calls, fewer hassles!

We don't cost very much, and we increase parent engagement and lower parent stress. And as an educator or school administrator, you need a world with happier, more-tuned-in parents.

BusDuty also provides you analytics, so you can see which buses are reliable and which aren't. We also allow you to connect to Twitter and send the bus information out to the parents at large.

BusDuty was created by the child of a longtime public school teacher who spent a lot of time on bus duty. So we named this service "BusDuty" in her honor!

What Do Users Think?

"I absolutely love this service! It allows me to know exactly when my children will arrive without spending unnecessary time in the heat, cold or rain at the bus stop."

Niroshi A., Harris Creek Elementary School

"I'm really grateful for bus departure notification via text. It provides me with peace of mind, knowing that I will not miss my son's arrival home. As parents, we have a lot to juggle and this service truly helps! Thanks!"

Rosie C., Harris Creek Elementary School

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